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The TGM Process

Meeting to discuss renovation ideas and budget

    • Both are equally important part of a successful plan
    • Take pictures and rough measurements

Draw sketches

    • This allows us to communicate your ideas and see what options we have
    • Sketches such as  floor plans, elevations and other details make easier to discuss and visualize 

Meet to discuss

    • This can be one meeting or several to go over drawings and scope
    • We will also talk about your associations review process and or the city design review process 

Architectural drawings

    • This is where we take all of our design ideas and layouts from and prepare architectural drawing for the association, design review and city zoning approvals

City submittal to zoning department

    • If you have an association we would submit to them first prior to zoning
    • This is when we will be sure if we will be required to go through a design review process which could be a simple Admin review or a full design review hearing

Construction documents begin

    • Once association, design review and zoning are complete we begin more detailed drawing for building department 

Start engineering and Title 24

    • Architectural plans when mostly complete would go to our engineers for structural and Title 24 energy calculations 

City submittal into building department

    • Generally the city will come back with questions and or corrections they would like to see. These requests are made and the plans will be submitted. This process usually is made in one or two attempts. 

Pull permits

    • Once approved from building department the permit application is completed and fee are paid
    • permit card is issued

Ready for construction! 

Tyler Moody’s experience, along with the time spent on his projects, has been the cornerstone of the successful relationships that he has built with each one of his clients. In fact, there is nothing that makes a construction project run smoother than having the general contractor available onsite.
From the moment he picks up the first set of plans to estimate, until the final pick-up list is complete, Tyler is fully engaged onsite with his clients, vendors, workers and subcontractors. Tyler is the epitome of a hands-on detail-oriented builder. This also makes meeting at a construction site easy, as he is readily available for discussions with his clients and is always steps ahead of what is currently happening on the construction site.
The process generally starts with the estimation of your project’s cost by TGM Construction. Once you have chosen TGM, one of the first steps of the building process will be pulling permits.
Once permits are in hand, preparing the job site will follow, which usually consists of walking through to make sure the client is up to speed and ready to go with the construction. This may also include communicating with the neighbors, which can ensure that the project starts off in a positive direction. Openly discussing any concerns and providing contact information is generally a good idea that can lead to resolving misunderstandings or answering any questions that might come up.

Maintaining a schedule and strict safety protocols are both very important. Tyler being available onsite releases many of the concerns that a client might have during the building process. If an unexpected change comes up, he is there to address the situation quickly, finding solutions that keep the subcontractors moving forward, accomplishing their job more efficiently. This also keeps the morale of the subs and workers up and motivated. If there are unknown factors that arise or last-minute changes that are requested by the client, he is able to ensure that they are coordinated in a fast, productive manner. This commands respect from the subcontractors, and it is the reason TGM Construction’s clients are always happy.
Communication regarding problems, unknowns or changes, so that the client is equipped with the best information to make educated decisions, is key. There has rarely been a remodel that didn’t run into various unknown elements, surprise issues or spur-of-the-moment alterations made by the client. It’s how these unexpected situations are handled and the communication that follows that has proven Tyler to be a superb builder.
Our successful ongoing relationships with subcontractors over many years will undoubtedly bring value to the process. Experience with working though projects as a team and knowing what the subs need, and when they need it, are top priorities for our contractor.
Please call Tyler Moody, the owner of TGM Construction, to discuss the best process for a successful, stress-free build or remodel.