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Building Styles

TGM Construction is well-known for their long list of satisfied clients and their respected working relationships with subcontractors, material suppliers and other participants in the building process. Clients choose TGM Construction for their fair-priced, quality work and the priceless guidance that is offered through every step of the building process.
However, TGM Construction should also be at the top of your contractor’s list because of their vast knowledge of styles, designs and trends that will be paramount when making decisions regarding the look, feel and function of your project.
Let’s take a look at a dozen of our favorite architectural styles, so that you can familiarize yourself with this information when making design decisions.

Cape Cod

When you first think of the Cape Cod style, the first thing that probably comes to mind are those aesthetically appealing dormer windows, loved by all, including the folks at TGM Construction! This is actually one of the older building designs from some of the first housing developments. And while they may make you think of New England and clam chowder, this style was actually inspired by the large chimneys and tall roofs found on cottages in England in the 1600s.

Art Deco

Art Deco may bring forth memories of grand hotels in New York City or the appealing design schemes found in Miami Beach. We love them all! However, many of the exterior designs and decorations originated way back in ancient Egypt. Yet, TGM Construction can breathe new life into these classic designs, with delightful pastel palettes or neutral stuccos.


The Colonial design was first used by American settlers back in the 1600s, but it is just as popular today, often making use of columns, chimneys and dormer windows. For homeowners who want a design full of symmetry and perfect proportions, this might be your ideal option! Plus, TGM Construction can offer new twists on classic designs, perfect for a touch of the unique.


The contemporary style envelops you in a big way, playing on connecting outdoor spaces and wide-open layouts. It typically places a big emphasis on utilizing natural light, sustainable building materials and energy efficiency all around – which are all things that we at TGM Construction are proud to offer with years of experience in educating our clients as they make these big decisions.

Mid-Century Modern

While this memorable design may have originated between the 1940s and the 1980s, it has definitely experienced a resurgence, bringing an instant “cool factor” to this simplistic style full of large, flat windows and big, open spaces. TGM Construction can incorporate many classic styles into the architecture of today, giving a hip, trendy feel to your much-anticipated new home or addition.

Greek Revival

Yes, as you might think, this style draws its inspirations from the Greek architecture that is such a reminder of the city’s eternal beauty. With this in mind, TGM Construction can create designs that can bring a bit of Athens into your home style. Expect to see plenty of symmetry, painted plaster, tall columns and intricate moldings.


This style is created from the sunny vistas and ripe vineyards of Italy, Greece and other countries situated along this fascinating body of water. Very popular back in the 1920s to 1940s, this style is once again appearing in homes with space for these design elements. TGM Construction can incorporate spacious balconies, ornate tile and thick wooden doors to instantly transport you to your villa in Tuscany!


Explaining the modern style can be a little complicated, as that most of these designs are over 50 years old, birthed during the modernism art movement. Some also easily confuse this style with that of contemporary design. This is why TGM Construction can guide you through the elements of this architectural design, including heavy functionality, straight lines and open areas, just fantastic for entertaining.


This is, by far, one of the most popular designs for homes built both decades ago and just last week. This style is modeled after ranches out West in the mid-1930s, and it incorporates practicality and loads of room for your own personalization. TGM Construction can also walk you through your many options, like attached garages and bay windows, along with single-floor and split-level design schemes.


The Victorian design originated back in the 1830s, drawing some familiarities from other styles like Gothic Revival, Italianate, Queen Ann and Romanesque. While this is a more classic style, mostly seen in well-established neighborhoods in the more original areas of town, TGM Construction can easily show you ways to bring a little Victorian into your custom design. Large porches, intricate trims, bright colors and alternating rooflines are a good start!


While many designs are named by their design influences, the Farmhouse style originated due to its location and function, nestled on prime, working farmland. To add a splash of aesthetics to this design, it often borrowed from Colonial and even Victorian styles, making it even more appealing. At TGM Construction, we often utilize facets of this design, with large porches and the utilization of functional space.


Originating in England during the infamous reign of this well-known royal family, almost everyone can easily recognize this design style, even if only particular elements of it are utilized. Expect to see tall, steep roofs, half-timbered frames and multiple gables. TGM Construction can bring a touch of the monarchy to your design with its neutral shades of beiges and browns or its eye-catching diamond-paned windows.