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Newport Beach

If you are considering a building or remodeling project in Newport Beach, TGM Construction is the best choice for a number of significant reasons. In Newport Beach and neighboring Corona Del Mar, there are several potential challenges during the process of the project unique to the area. Orange County Coastal construction projects are often presented with the task of overcoming lengthy design reviews, plan checks, geological or logistical pitfalls, as well as utilizing products that are needed to sustain the coastal air. A builder who has vast experience in construction in this region and all that it entails is a must!

The Newport Beach Building Department can be considered to be more pro-builder than other surrounding cities, however, the stress the actual neighbors to a project is something that needs to be addressed and considered. TGM Construction immediately recognizes these potential causes for delays, implementing years of experience to resolve any problems that arise with neighbors quickly and successfully. Logistics and communication are both key factors in contributing to a stress-free environment at the job site. Coastal properties are typically situated in very tight quarters, which can frequently present issues resulting from noise, parking, the blockage of roads and even smells and dust. The contractor’s interactions with the neighbors can be a huge factor in whether or not these potential problems result in city complaints that could hold up your construction.

With our dedicated focus in Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, our team delivers a high-end quality product, allowing you the time to relax and even have a bit of fun as you watch your design dreams come true. A huge part of our equation for success is promptly and correctly passing through the process of acquiring the necessary building permits and releases from the Newport Beach Building Department. With years of experience working with city inspectors, we have the expertise required to ensure that your project moves forward on schedule.

Whether you are just thinking about building or remodeling, or are currently searching in earnest for the right general contractor, you have found your winning team with TGM Construction. We would love to discuss your ideas and assist you in designing the home that will easily surpass your greatest expectations.