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Building And Remodeling Cost

When building a custom home from the ground up, adding on to your existing home or beginning a small interior remodeling plan, cost is always one of the driving forces behind many of the decisions that you will make. Choosing the right general contractor, however, can drastically impact the expected cost of your construction project. Whether you have set a large budget in place, or you are barely scraping together the funds to make it all happen, no one wants to throw away money unnecessarily or get less for their hard-earned dollar. Construction costs are typically driven by the design, engineering, geology, interior and exterior finish selections, location and logistics of the project. Once the design engineering has been completed, the right general contractor will be a key influence on your overall construction project cost and the conclusion of your remodel, along with what you will live with in your daily surroundings for years to come.

Construction costs cannot be discussed without also talking about quality. The quality of your project is not just about a fixture, a window or a particular building material, but how well it is put together and how long the beauty will last. We have all seen homes that were recently remodeled that still look great in ten years, but sadly, there are also those projects that manage to look ten years old in two.

Tyler Moody offers fair pricing that has been proven through years of successful relationships with his clients. He also spends time actually educating his clients on their choices for materials, fixtures, finishes and product quality, as well as how all of these options can affect the bottom-line cost. Tyler will also walk you through the many ways that you could potentially save money during the remodel design stage. You will always feel comfortable that you are getting a high-quality job at a fair price.

The first step includes an onsite client meeting with plans, samples and design notes. Walking through the different stages of the project in its entirety, looking over plans and discussing the client’s vision are always easy steps with Tyler. He will meet with subcontractors and suppliers and go over the project details with them to assure their understanding of the job. He will then secure accurate pricing, putting together clear, itemized details that you can count on. Construction cost overruns are a client’s worst fear, whether with a small design job or a large-scale project. Rest assured that when you hire TGM Construction, you will only receive experienced, honest, straightforward pricing. If there are materials, fixtures or finishes that are not selected, Tyler will discuss the options with you and ensure that a fair allowance is estimated for you, which will definitely minimize your chances for cost overruns.