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San Clemente

Remodeling and building in San Clemente requires a general contractor with experience.

San Clemente has both a city building department and a county building department. We have experience with the requirements from both.

TGM Construction founder owner has been a life long resident of San Clemente. Remodeling in San Clemente has always been good for our client and our company. We are always minutes from our jobs making them run smoother and faster. A general contractors availability to meet sub contractors, suppliers, designers, architects, engineers and clients is key to managing the projects budget and schedule.

TGM Construction is a high end residential remodel and ground up general contractor and builder. We work with the client and their team of designer, architect and engineer or can design build offering plans, design and cost engineering.

We keep our projects local to give our clients and projects more personal time and attention. We have lots of experience remodeling in San Clemente dealing with both city and county building departments requirements.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas about your project.

TGM Construction