Successfully starting a kitchen remodel

//Successfully starting a kitchen remodel

Successfully starting a kitchen remodel

Here is what you should know before starting your kitchen remodel.

Do I need permits?

While there are some homes located where you may get a remodel done under the radar of the city building department there are several reasons you probably shouldn’t remodel without permits. Here are just a few.

  • Resale of your property – savvy buyers may see the new beautiful work that has been done but if they have had any kind of nightmares themselves with construction defects they will surely be hindered by work that was done without permits. This may devalue the home or the investment you put into it. This maybe fine if we are in a booming sellers market but will be a major negative if its a buyers market.
  • Unless you are both construction savvy and have the time to be there to see all the work that is being done the permit and inspection process is there to protect you and your investment. Most people know what they want the project to look like at the end but have little experience with all the trades and choices that are going on throughout the day to day construction. The permit generates points of inspection that the contractors will have to adhere to making sure every trade is up to todays code requirements. This is to protect the homeowner not the contractor.

Who should I hire to help with permit process?

The general contractor will be the one that will pull the permits for your project. They will also be the one that determines the end quality of your remodel as well. Your project may need drawings for the permit approval. TGM Construction can help you save money and time by determining the right draftsmen, architect or engineer for the scope of the project.

Who should I hire first?

You should hire your contractor first for several reasons. First the contractor is in charge of quality, cost and timeline of your project. When you they are not involved in the design there is no way for the project to be cost engineered during the design. An architect doing a small project can be costly in time and money especially if only a draftsman is needed. Clients who go out and hire and architect and or a designer prior to choosing their contractor very often get their plans finished and out to bid only to be in shock of the cost. Having a contractor as part of your team can help to design a project that you know you can afford to build.

How do I choose the right contractor?

Most clients do not compare contractors equally even though it is in their best interest. Clients learn and gather ideas with each contractor meeting taking this information onto the next. Although it is good to learn and gather ideas it does not allow you to compare if the contractor themselves has the fresh ideas or cost saving your last one came up for you.

The very best way is to write a complete as possible ideas/ wish list, gather any pictures or information you already know you want. Make a few copies of everything the same for each meeting. This will allow you to start each meeting off the same from the start giving you insight to the contractor ideas, excitement and input at least for the first part of your meeting.

How long will this process take?

Another benefit of hiring the contractor first is that they want the project to start as much as you do. This means that from the start of selecting a draftsman, engineer, architect or designer they can help you control the timeline and costs by finding the right person for your project. They are a professional on your side as to what timeline is fair for the project and assuring that things are moving along quickly towards your goals.

If you would like to discuss you project with a professional general contractor who can help guide you through the city requirements saving you money for the actual remodel then your first call should be TGM Construction.

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